Thursday, December 19, 2013

Michele S's Skull Nintendo DS Case

Michele S used my skull chart from the Skull iPad case to make a case for her nephew's Nintendo DS.  She did this by first crocheting a few black rows and putting a button hole in it. (If you don't know how to make a button hole check out this post.) Then she crocheted the Skull by using the chart and crocheting it from the top down and then continued to crochet in black to make the piece long enough to fold up a pocket so she could roll the DS into the case. Then she sewed on a red button.

 She's making all of her Christmas gifts this year, my FAVORITE kind of gift!  You can find the Skull chart here or if you would like a little fancier skull try my Day of the Dead chart here.


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  1. Pam i need help my 6 yr old son wears glasses an the ear pieces r rubbing the backs of his ears raw he said mama i want u to make something to cover these (the ear pieces lol) i know u can mama u can make all this stuff (my crocheting lol) im like ok i need to ask pam for help lol is there a way to make something to cover the ear pieces to give the backs of his ears some cushion im stumped thanks

    1. You could try making a tube piece to fit over the ear pieces. Try crocheting a small rectangular piece out of DK weight yarn with a G or F hook that will just wrap around the ear piece. Then sew it together at the top and the sides and slide it over the ear piece. I wouldn't make it any longer than 2 inches. See if that helps.