Thursday, December 12, 2013

Christmas Presents, Part II

This is another easy scarf that looks great.  I got this pattern from Made by K.  K uses her own abbreviations in the pattern, so be sure to read the beginning part so you know what she's talking about.  I used black instead of gray and alternated colors in the rounds, making 3 squares of each combination.  I also single crocheted the squares together with pink yarn.  I made the bow using DK weight yarn and an E hook.  I chained 18, then slip stitched into the first chain and then single crocheted 4 rows.  Then I wound yarn around the middle of the bow.  To do the whiskers I knotted one end of the yarn, pulled it through and then knotted it on the other side and then cut the ends to the right size.


Hello Kitty Bracelet

Hello Kitty Locker Mirror

Scrap Heart Gloves

Heart Headband

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