Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Christmas Presents, Part I

I've been busy making Christmas presents and right now I'm using other people's patterns.  So I'll post pictures of what I'm making and links to the patterns.

This is the easiest scarf (that looks difficult) that you will ever make, because the yarn does the work for you.  It's all done in single crochet and there are only 4 stitches per row.  To make a nice long one like this, use 2 skeins of either Sashay or Starbella yarn.  Also, be sure to use a large hook, it makes it a lot easier to see the stitches.  I used an L Hook. The technique for using ruffle yarn is a little different, so check out this Sashay tutorial from Red Heart Yarn, before you start.  To keep the ends from unraveling and to make them look a little neater, I just used a needle and matching thread to sew up the ends.  It won't show because the ruffle covers it up.

Happy Hooking!!

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