dc2tog (double crochet 2 stitches together)

Yarn over (YO) hook, insert hook in stitch(st) , pull up a loop, 3 loops on hook.  YO hook, pull through 2 loops.  YO hook insert in next st, pull up a loop, 4 loops on hook.  YO, pull through 2 loops, 3 loops on hook.  YO pull through last 3 loops.  One dc2tog made.

YO hook, insert in st, YO hook again

Three lps on hook

After yarn is pulled through 2 lps on hook, 2 lps left on hook

YO hook, insert hook in next st, YO hook again

Pull up a lp, 4 lps on hook, YO over, pull through 2 lps on hook

Three lps on hook
Here's a hint, for the last time you pull the yarn through on a dc together st, there will be one more loop than stitches you are bringing together.

YO hook, pull through all lps on hook

Finished Dc2tog


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  2. Just wanted to thank you for the detailed pictures and instructions! This was very helpful to me as a beginning crocheter who had to Google dc2tog :)

  3. Thank you very much for the easy steps, I knew I was doing something wrong.

  4. Very good. Would be more helpful if ending was shown.