Thursday, April 18, 2013

Steps to Design

I have been developing a design for a granny square with a north west Native American fish motif.  I've tried some different options, starting first with a fish in the middle, and more of a free form type square. But it just seemed too busy and complicated.

Then I tried a more traditional way of making a square by starting in the round and emulating fish scales.  

But the colors were wrong and it just didn't look like a native motif.

Then I decided to change to the traditional colors and designs.


And do a more traditional square, with the fish mouths pointing toward the center of the motif.

Once the square is done I will add buttons for eyes so the fish are more visible.  The pattern isn't quite done, I need to make some adjustments so it will lie flatter and then square it up.  I hope to have it up sometime next week.


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