Friday, July 27, 2012

Seahorse Applique

I love seahorses, so I came up with a pattern that can be used as an applique or if you make it small as a pendant necklace or for pendant earrings.  Use whatever size yarn you want, just use the hook size recommended for the yarn.  I've made it using worsted weight yarn and an H hook all the way down to thin crochet thread with an 8 hook.  I think it looks best with variegated yarn because real seahorses tend to have mottled colors.

Here is the pattern
Special Stitch

Small Picot (sp):  Slip stitch into stitch or chain, chain 1 then slip stitch back into same stitch.
Sl st, ch 1

sl st

Ch 33.

Row 1:  Sl st into second ch from hook, then sl st in each of fol 4 chs.  Sp into next 6 chs.

the sps should look like bumps

(Fin) Ch 4 dc in next ch, *ch 1, dc in next ch* 2 times. Sl st in dc then in ch dc is attached to.

what the fin should look like

sl st into dc

Sp in next 7 chs, then sl st to end of ch.  DO NOT TURN, you will be crocheting up the back side of the ch in row 2.

Row 2:  Ch1 sl st in 1st ch on underside of ch.

*Ch 3, sk 3 chs, sc in next ch* 2 times.

*Ch 2, sk 2 chs, sc in next ch* 6 times

Ch 3 sk 3 chs, sl st in next ch, TURN.

Row 3:  Ch 4, sl st in 4th ch from hook.  Ch 7, sl st in 2nd ch from hook, ch 2, sl st in 2nd ch from hook.  Ch 5, sc in 1st ch of original ch 7.

Ch 6, sl st in 1st ch of 3 ch sp.

and other 2 chs and sc.  Ch 3, hdc in next sc. *Ch 3, dc in next sc* 3 times.  Ch 2, hdc in next sc, ch 2 sc in next sc. Turn.

Row 4:  Ch 2, hdc in next hdc, ch 2 hdc in next dc, ch 3, tr in next dc, ch 2, tr in next dc, ch 2, dc in next hdc, ch 2, sl st in sc at base of 5 ch sp. 

Fasten off.

Tail:  Attach yarn to ch at bottom of the seahorse.

Join yarn in ch at end of seahorse

pull tail of yarn along with rest of yarn through loop to secure
Ch 14.  Sl st in 5th ch from hook. Sl st in next 5 chs.

Sk last chs, sl st in next sc. 

Fasten off.  Weave in ends.

Sl st--slip stitch       ch--chain
fol--following or follow    sp--small picot
dc--double crochet   sk--skip
hdc--half double crochet        sc--single crochet
*  *--repeat what's inside


  1. This is very clever, thanks for sharing. I might try and do this even though I am not that great lol

    Brooke x

    1. The pattern is fairly easy, the hardest part is knowing where the stitches go. Hopefully the pictures help with that.

  2. This may seem like a dumb question, but on row 1 your pattern says: "Sl st into second ch from hook, then sl st in each of fol 4 chs." What is "fol"? Is that a typo or a new abbreviation I have never come across before! Other than that, its a really neat pattern! Thank you for sharing!

  3. Sorry, I'll add fol to my abbreviations list. Fol stands for follow. Thanks for pointing that out.

  4. Unique pattern, very creative indeed! I'd like to try this one. Thanks for sharing :-)

  5. I got half way through Row 3 and it appears there is something missing? It goes from "Ch 6, sl st in 1st ch of 3 ch sp." to "and other 2 chs and sc. ..." Can you help me with this? I really want to get it finished!

    1. This means you will be doing a total of 4 slip stitches, one into each of the 3 chain spaces and one into the sc. Hope this helps.

    2. Thanks! That was helpful. I went ahead and finished to just before doing the tail. I'm not sure I got all the chains & sl st correct in the head. The head part just doesn't look right. When I got to the end of Row 3 still had about 3 stitches on original chain left unattached to the head part. Guess will have to go back through and see if I can figure out anything differently. The hardest part in the head with all the chains & sl sts is knowing just where to put them.

    3. Let me know if I can explain anything else.

  6. Thanks for sharing this, it's really cute! I did jean jackets for all 3 of my granddaughters at Christmas with crocheted butterflies on the back and I keep adding little crocheted items. Just did your seahorse for my oldest granddaughter, I think she'll really like it.