Friday, July 6, 2012

Baby Rattle/Cat Toy Pattern

Baby Rattle/Cat Toy


  • ·         H/8 hook  (5.00mm)
  • ·         Soft worsted weight acrylic yarn such as Bernat Satin, Caron Super Soft or Red Heart Soft Yarn.
  • ·         Two large jingle bells 
  • ·         Poly-Fil  polyester fiberfill

Notes:  Using acrylic yarn will make the rattle washable and it won’t shrink. This project can also be a cat toy, just add cat nip and use a sturdy yarn such as Red Heart Super Saver.
Gauge:  Gauge is not important to this pattern, but 32 rows is about 7 inches long.
Pattern :
Ch 11. 
Row 1:  Sc in second ch from hook and in each ch to the end.  (10 sc)

Diagrams courtesy of the Craft Yarn Council.

2nd Ch from hook


Wrap yarn over (yo) hook and pull through two loops on hook
First stitch made, insert hook into next ch


Row 2:  Ch 1, turn. 

1. Ch 1, then turn piece to look like picture 2

Sc in first sc,


2. Insert hook here for 1st stitch on second row, notice that piece
is facing the opposite direction.

and in every sc across row. (10 sc)

Repeat Row 2 until project is about 7 inches long, about 32 rows altogether.
Fasten off leaving a tail about 25 to 30 inches long.

Fold the fabric you have made in half.

Match up the sides and begin to sew the edges together using the overcast stitch.  Start at the short end using the long tail for sewing.
Continue sewing down the first long end.  When you reach the folded edge, weave the yarn through the rattle to the open long end. 

Stuff the rattle half full, add bells side by side.  Add more stuffing on top.  Continue to stitch sides together adding more stuffing as you go.  When you reach the end weave the yarn half way back down the side you just sewed up.

 Then stitch back and forth through both sides, making sure there is one bell on each side.  This will make the rattle easier to hold.

 Weave in ends.

Sc—Single Crochet
yo--yarn over

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  1. I love how you explain everything with pictures. I can only do basic crochet and I have been browsing your blog and have found it helpful. Thanks
    Brooke x

    1. I'm glad you find it helpful. I'm a very visual person, so pictures help me a lot as well.

  2. Thank you very much for posting this tutorial!! I am also a visual learner so the pictures you included really helped me ALOT too!! I love arts and crafts and I love to crochet but im not very good at it yet !! I guess ill start getting better at it the more I practice it though. My mother-in-law is trying to teach me but im left handed and I think thats whats making it harder for me to grasp. Im so glad I seen your baby rattle pattern cuz I have a 7 month old son and I love making stuff like that for him and the rattle pattern is one that I can do without much difficulty and hes really starting to take an interest in toys now! Especially the ones that make noises like this rattle does!! He loves it and I love the fact that its something that I made for him and its something that I will put up as a keepsake for him so he can cherish it and one of these days he can pass it on to his children! If you have anymore lil ideas and easy patterns like the rattle please post them because I have your website bookmarked now and I plan on coming back to it everyday for ideas!! Thanks again!

    1. I'm glad you like the pattern. I do have other easy projects here on the blog that teach different crochet techniques, just have a look around. Don't worry I plan on putting up lots more patterns in the future! Also, if you need some extra help with left handed crochet try the Crochet Geek videos on Youtube. She has several videos for lefties.

  3. I'm beginning to crochet, and I'm totally blind, so pictures aren't helpful. That being said, I'm thankful that you provide descriptions as well as photos. I can't wait to try this rattle; it's a quick project and perfect for charity. I donate a lot of stuff to charity, so I'm often looking for simple and quick projects. Also, with my brain injury, the simple patterns with explanations make working them enjoyable rather than frustrating. I'll definitely bookmark your blog!