Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Snowflake Napkin Rings

We all like to have nice things to decorate our table for Christmas.  Here are some simple napkin rings that will give some extra sparkle to your holiday table.


  • Lion Brand Vanna's Glamour Yarn, Ruby Red and Topaz
  • Size 3/3.25 mm Hook   
  • Tapestry or Darning needle


ch(s)--chain(s)              sc(s)--single crochet(s)
sl st-- (slip stitch)         hdc(s)--half double crochet(s)
st(s)--stitch(es)             sp(s)--space


Starting with Topaz yarn and a magic circle

Rnd 1:  Ch 1, 6 scs in magic circle, sl st in first sc. (6 scs)

Rnd 2:  Ch 2, hdc in same st, *ch 2, 2 hdcs in next sc* 5 times, ch 2, sl st in top of first ch 2.  Fasten off.

Rnd 3:  Attach Ruby Red yarn in any ch-2 sp.  (Ch 2, hdc, ch 2, 2 hdcs)  all in same ch-2 sp.  *Ch 2, (2 hdcs, ch 2, 2 hdcs) in same sp* 5 times, ch 2 sl st in first ch 2.


Ch 22, sl st in 12th hdc through the back, sl st in ch-2 sp.  Hdc in first ch and in each ch across, sl st in ch-2 sp. Fasten off.  Weave in ends.

Ch 22

12th hdc

Attach ch with sl st
Sl st in ch-2 sp

After finishing hdcs on ch, sl st to ch-2 sp at beginning of ch

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