Thursday, April 21, 2016

Now Downloadable Afghan Charts!!

You can now download 5 of my most popular afghan charts on my new Facebook Group!  Just click on this link and go to the files tab, or scroll down the messages to find the file you want to download and click download.  There is also a file on how to do tapestry crochet.

Harley Afghan Chart

Marine Corps Afghan Chart

Chicago Black Hawks Chart

Peacock Afghan Chart

Little Angel Afghan Chart


  1. I would sure like to see a chart for the Pittsburgh Penguins, since you seem to be a hockey fan also! Love the afghan charts I've seen you do so far, especially the Little Angel Afghan! I haven't done any charted work before, but between the Little Angel and the adorable peacock, I think my time to say that is coming to an end:) Thank you so much for sharing your excellent skills with us!

  2. There is a free service called StitchBoard that allows you to upload an image, tell it how big you want it and what colors and it makes a free pdf chart for you. You can find it here

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