Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Harley Davidson Afghans in Process

Single Crochet

I'm finding the best way to keep the integrity of the design is to crochet each row in the same direction.  That means I have to cut the yarn at the end of the row (I'm crocheting right to left since I'm right handed) and then join it again on the next row at the beginning of the row.  I start on the right with the black yarn then add each color as it comes up in the design and then drop those colors as they end in the design ending with the black yarn at the end of the row and tying off.    

If you are really talented (and somewhat ambidextrous) you can switch the hook to your left hand when you get to the end of the row and then crochet back the way you came like Carol Ventura does.

This is another video tutorial by Red Heart Yarn.

Double Crochet

Kelly says "I'm not a fan of this method and here's the reasons,  uses a lot of yarn, a lot of bobbins, you can see unused thread from right side and the work isn't tight. Since I started one in the afghan stitch using the extra long J hook , I honestly don't want to go back to the double crochet method."

Afghan Stitch
"the afghan stitch is tight, uniform, no mess with bobbins, thicker, and I'm lovin' this because I can rock in my chair instead of leaning over a table..you can hide the extra yarn in the back as well."

If you would like to ask Kelly about making the afghan in afghan stitch you can reach her here.

Here is a tutorial video by Crochet Geek on how to do the afghan stitch. 

Here is a finished version of the Harley Afghan by Penny Jones.



  1. Good luck! Whatever works for you is the best way to finish your project.

    1. I think Kelly and I are in a race to see who finishes first, LOL!

  2. Thought this post was great that I had to share. I was already writing an article about this type of technique, so I included your post about it as well. Hope you'll check it out, from your newest follower


  3. I just received the chart and I cannot wait to get started. I will be making this afghan for my brother who is a Harley fan. Chart Afghans are my favorite type of afghan to make. I have made several. One trick I have learned over the years is to thread your yarn from the bobbins in a straw before you start your stitch this keeps the bobbins from tangling. I never used a table to crochet/knit/Tunisian Afghans I always sit in my rocker so I am not sure what method is being used here. Also to keep the back as neat as possible I don’t carry the yarn I use different bobbins for each color and then weave the ends into the afghan. I keep track of the right side and wrong side to hang the bobbins on the wrong side never on the right side. An easy way to keep track is the odd rows are the wrong side and the even rows are the right side or vice versa which ever you prefer as I turn with each row I do not end and start over. Thanks for the chart!

    1. Thanks for the suggestions, I'll add them to the post!