Monday, February 11, 2013

I'm getting close

Can you name this animal?

Novice Sandy on Knitting Paradise found this absolutely adorable pattern for an
Amigurumi Yorkie.  The only problem is the pattern is incomprehensible.  I think it was originally written in Japanese and the translation is really bad.  Fortunately, I have crocheted some amigurumi patterns using the Japanese chart method so I get what's going on here.  I'm working on a translation and this is how far I've gotten.

As soon as I get the pattern done I'll post a link here.

The pattern is now up here.


  1. Thank you! I hope I don't forget and miss it!

    1. The link to the pattern is at the bottom of this post. I've also posted a link on

  2. Your Yorkie is lookin' great! I'll be looking forward to your pattern!
    I just bought some brown yarns today and plan to start my version that I posted on KP.
    Kindest Regards,
    OM girl

    1. Thanks, I've posted the pattern translation and tutorial here: