Friday, October 19, 2012

Day of the Dead Banner

I decided to take my skull graph that I made for the Skull iPad Case pattern and use it to make a decorative banner for the Day of the Dead or Dia de los Muertos.  I made three different skull graphs.  You can make all three or just use your favorite and make it over and over.  I also show you how to do cross stitch on top of the crocheted, blank skulls if you would prefer to make your skull that way instead of crocheting the whole graph.


For one skull graph:

  • 60 yds of yarn for background  (I used Red Heart Super Saver Yarn)
  • 24 yds of yarn for the skull
  • Small hanks of yarn for the other colors
  • G Hook
  • Tapestry needle for weaving in and cross stitching

To crochet the entire piece, you can use the graph with the skull already decorated.  This graph represents 28 scs across and 34 rows all together.  Each square is one single crochet stitch.  For instructions on how to carry the yarn and change color, check out the Skull iPad Case pattern.

Here I am carrying the purple yarn underneath the blue sc

I find it easier to deal with multiple yarns by pulling the yarn strands down out of the way until I need them.  I' m getting ready to pull up the pink yarn to change color.
All of this skull is crocheted except for the cross in the center of the forehead.

If you would rather cross stitch the decorations onto the skull, you can use a blank skull graph.  It is actually easier to do a more elaborate design with cross stitches.

Then you can use the decorated graph to help you determine where to put your cross stitches.  This is just like counted cross stitch.  Remember each square represents 1 sc, so count the scs to see where you need to add the color.  For instance if you start at the top of the head, you need to insert your needle, threaded with red yarn, behind the top left corner of the 3rd (st number 11 on the graph) yellow sc.

These pictures illustrate how to do the cross stitches for rows 30 and 29 on stitches 17 to 19.  Leave a tail of yarn sticking out the back of the skull, just like you would when adding a new yarn color, then weave it in later.

Here's how I did the pink skull motif.

purple yarn is carried behind the pink yarn, then the ends are woven in


To connect three skull motifs,  first ch 119 in red yarn.  Then sc in second ch from hook and in 14 more chs.  Then insert your hook through the top of the first skull motif you want to attach to the ch.  Sl st into the ch, make sure it is on the back of the skull motif.  Sl st into each st and ch across the top of the motif (28 sl sts).

Sc into two chs then attach the next skull motif, sl st 28 times across.  Then continue with each motif you add.  If you want to make your banner longer, just add 30 chs for each new motif.  To finish, sc in last 15 chs and then fasten off.  Weave in all ends.

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  1. Thank you so very much for this WONDERFUL Tutorial! I have learned SO MUCH with just this one post! I am new to the whole graphghan "circuit" and I am SUPER EXCITED to do my first 2 blankets for Christmas presents! I've done small squares in the past but I've not done a completed blanket as of yet! Thank you so much for all your help! <3 You DEFINITELY have a new follower HERE!!! <3

  2. Muy interesante, gracias.